Individual sales of beef, cattle and sheep exceeded 80 million;
The project of regulating and controlling the nutritional and metabolic diseases of cashmere goats in shed won the second prize of Liaoning Province Agricultural Science and Technology Contribution Won the honorary title of "Green Factory" in Liaoning Province.

In 2019
In 2018

Liaoning Xingcheng establishes a new R & D base;
The first-phase project of Liaoning Base was completed and put into operation smoothly in October.

The groundbreaking ceremony of Liaoning Xingcheng Base was officially launched

In 2017
In 2016

Won the Capital Feed Technology Innovation Award It was selected as the "Top 15 Innovative Brands" by users in the livestock industry.

Rumen-passing series of products are exported to the EU; reached a strategic cooperation with Lanzhou Manor Ranch Co., Ltd. and Gansu Liaoyuan Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd., increasing the average yield from 28 kg to 33 kg, and the new cattle yield exceeded 40 kg in 20 days.
Passed the EU FAMIQS quality certification system.

In 2015
In 2014

Reached a strategic cooperation with Heilongjiang Wandashan Dairy 85511 Ranch to replace Israel ’s Afijin ’s technical custodial service at 85511 Ranch The yield per unit is 11 tons, and the cost per kilogram of milk is about 1.6 yuan.

Won the "Top Ten Scientific and Technological Progress Award" of China's animal husbandry feed industry, and the top 30 brands with the most growth potential; Establish a long-term cooperative relationship with Huishan Dairy.

In 2013
In 2012

It has established school-enterprise cooperation with well-known agricultural and animal husbandry colleges at home and abroad, such as China Agricultural University, Busan University, Northeast Agricultural University, Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University and Inner Mongolia Agricultural University.

Establish long-term cooperative relations with Taiwan Unification Group and Shandong Yisheng.

In 2011
In 2010

Established long-term cooperative relations with many well-known enterprises such as Tiankang Group, Hefeng Group and Fukang Group.

Successfully won the bid, and signed a cooperation relationship with Dairy Group on the supply of dairy cattle series feed; Held more than 50 training conferences throughout the country and successfully promoted the nutrition formula concept of beef cattle and sheep.

In 2009
In 2008

Passed ISO22000 food safety management system certification; Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification; Establish long-term and stable partnership with Zhengda Group, a leading company in agriculture and animal husbandry.

Rumen protected Vitamins were successfully developed, which filled a gap in the international market.

In 2007
In 2006

Beijing yahe nutritive high-tsch co.,ltd. was officially established and the patented product--Milk Energy NO.1 (Rumen protected glucose) was researched, which filled a gap in the international market.

Under the leadership of a scientific research team led by ruminant nutritionist Mr. Feng Yanglian, aiming at the actual production of dairy cows in China, the rumen-passing technology of ruminants and the theory of amino acid balance were formally proposed.

In 2004

北京亚禾营养高新技术有限责任公司正式成立; 推出专利产品---乳能一号(过瘤胃葡萄糖),填补了国际空白。